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Dungeoned is a puzzle action RPG from Redsift, the creators of The Quest.

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Dungeoned is a funny dungeon crawler game with some logical, arcade, action and role playing elements. From level to level, through 50 various dungeons and other places, you must find and activate the exit which leads to the next level.

Each dungeon needs an exact number of points to reveal its exit. But beware: monsters, traps, logical puzzles and even other players will stand in your way...

You must get as many points as you can and find the exit before the other players do. And with the remaining points, you can buy better weapons, armors, spells or potions at the shop which will always await you after you have completed a dungeon.

If sometimes you feel that you don't have the time or patience for going deeply into an involved and time-consuming role playing game with all it's complicated quests, hard to solve puzzles and difficult to understand rules, but you still want to have some dungeon action role-playing fun, this is your game!

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